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EMU EGGS AND FARRO: Adventures in Feeding a Family

When my daughter was two-years old, she weighed 18 lbs and subsisted on three chicken nugget per day. (“I want chicken-fries!!!” she would shout, raising Sanctimommy eyebrows everywhere.) I was horrified. How would this little girl ever gain any weight? Or what if her palate never developed beyond processed chicken and she grew up to […]

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My dream has finally come true. Last week, my 8-year old daughter picked up our threadbare copy of Little House in the Big Woods and devoured it. As is the case with sharing many of life’s passions with your children, she had rejected my earlier attempts to impart upon her a love for Laura Ingalls […]

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When my mother turned forty, her friends threw her a surprise party festooned with balloons stating: “You’re Old.” I found the gesture hilarious until yesterday, when I too became “old.” For months, I planned to write a column celebrating my 40th birthday. I wanted it to be bold, irreverent, and witty. Yet, this morning, when […]

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I saw my mother struggle with weight her entire life. She made impassioned –albeit short-lived— forays into nearly every diet fad –Jenny Craig, Atkins, and the Summer of Fat-Free (a quasi-national movement that took place around 1995). None made her particularly happy, nor very thin. One evening, when I was rather small, she did battle […]

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TWENTY-MINUTES TO SANITY: Escarole and White Bean Soup

I’m stressed. Deadlines are looming, children are whining, and –oh yeah!— I’ve got to cook dinner. While my first inclination would be to reach for the Chinese takeout menu, a wise voice in the back of my head says: “Stop! You’ll be sorry.” Alas, that preachy voice is right. Eating garbage in the face of […]

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VALENTINE’S COOKIES: Frosted Sugar Cookies with Strawberry Sugar

I take my Valentine’s Day crafts very seriously. In third grade, I spent hours making Valentine’s, painstakingly assigning Mrs. Grossman’s heart stickers to each of my friends’ cards. I believed the stickers inherent beauty wordlessly communicated my deepest emotions. King Henry VIII’s royal court didn’t employ such complex social coding. When my daughter was born, […]

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I can’t help but break out into a maniacal grin, when rereading this particularly forlorn passage from Cooking With Jeanne, circa February 4, 2011: “As a New York football fan, I could not give a Chinese New Year rabbit’s foot about this Sunday’s game. Packers or Steelers. Who cares? All I know is that 2010 […]

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Roughly five times a day, I screw up as a parent. However this morning’s antics may have earned me a spot in the Mommy Hall of Shame. At 10:00am, I had just settled down to work and a coffee, when my cell phone cheerily announced: “Chaperone Field Trip.” A pit instantly formed in my stomach. […]

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